Culligan has over 80 years experience as a global provider of end-to-end water treatment solutions for a variety of industries. Culligan’s revolutionary, modular designs make them some of the fastest complete systems to market and are completely customizable to your needs. This modularity optimizes capital expenditures whilst ensuring the best levels of treatment for your water.

Culligan water treatment technologies:

Water filtration

Self-cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filters remove suspended solids from water without replacing filter cartridges. Available in fully automatic or semi-automatic versions with different capacities and filtration levels.


Mechanical filters are a highly flexible, versatile and economical solution for addressing small scale water filtration problems. Most commonly used as a barrier against suspended solids for protecting sensitive equipment.

Media filters for small industrial, commercial applications

These filters from Culligan are suitable for commercial and small industrial applications, as well as for pre-treatment of water softeners and boilers (up to 8 m³/hour). They reduce water turbidity, adsorb odours, neutralise acidity and reduce heavy metals in water.

Media filters for industrial and municipal applications

TFully automatic, heavy duty pressure filters, manufactured entirely by Culligan, made from high grade carbon steel with a food-grade epoxy resin inner coating. Modular design allows units to be combined for high flows.

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Water softening

Water softeners for small industrial and commercial applications

Culligan's range of small industrial, commercial water softeners can significantly reduce the accumulation of harmful scale caused by hard water. Available with Progressive Flow, Culligan Smart Controller, Brine Reclaim and Aqua-Sensor® technologies, Culligan's water softening systems for small installations are among the most efficient on the market.

Water softeners for industrial applications

A Culligan ipari vízlágyítók kiváló minőségű lágy vizet biztosítanak nagy mennyiségű (akár 225 m³/óra) alkalmazásokhoz. A lágyított víz csökkenti a vas-, kalcium-, magnézium- és mangánionok által okozott káros vízkő felhalmozódását a berendezésekben, vízkő elleni vegyszerek használata nélkül, ami azonnali és hosszú távú energia- és költségmegtakarítást eredményez.

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Ultrafiltration units

Ultrafiltration (ULF) is a process where insoluble particles are removed from water under pressure.

Ultrafiltration systems are ideal for treating ground water and surface water, as well as for pre-treating water in seawater desalination systems.

Using robust outside-in PVDF fiber technology the hollow fiber membranes benefit from high clean-ability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, and a superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

The modular system allows you to assemble this high quality product to meet all your needs.

Reverse osmosis

Aqua-Cleer Compact RO series

The Aqua-Cleer COMPACT PRO series is a reverse osmosis (R.O.) unit designed to provide pressurized water with very low salt content.

The Aqua-Cleer COMPACT LAB series is a reverse osmosis (R.O.) system combined with a demineralization and ultrafiltration system, designed to provide quality 3 deionized water under pressure in compliance with UNI EN 3696/1996 standard.

The COMPACT PRO and LAB series includes an electronic control unit equipped with a control/management touch screen display able to receive and display all information and alarm data.

This technology guarantees 90-95% salt removal.

IW Evo RO series

For flows up to 40 m³/h

Culligan's IW Evo RO Series is designed to meet the most demanding and exacting commercial, industrial and municipal water requirements.

Modular in design and using the latest in low pressure, high-efficiency membranes mounted on a painted steel frame, reverse osmosis models provide the lowest possible operating costs while producing reliable, high-quality RO water.

SW Evo RO család

For flows up to 40 m³/h

Designed specifically for seawater desalination, the Culligan SW reverse osmosis unit is able to treat water with up to 42 000 ppm of salinity.

The unit is manufactured from fully corrosion-resistant materials such as duplex stainless steel and is mounted on a painted steel frame for easy installation (either at sea or on the beach).

E/M/G 1 RO series

For flows up to 350 l/h

The Series 1 reverse osmosis unit is ideal for commercial and small-industrial applications. The Series 1 RO is available in three different features levels (E/M/G), offering a full range of features and benefits from the economical E1 RO model to the premium features found in the G1 RO.

MFP RO series

The versatile MFP RO unit, installed worldwide, is capable of treating flows up to 3600 l/h. The compact, vertical steel-framed unit features a modular design, premium quality components and the latest technology. The MFP offers the ideal combination of flexibility, reliability and robustness.

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Medical RO systems

RO2 dialysis RO

For flows of up to 3600 l/h, the RO2 bi-Osmosis system is ideal for treating water used for total haemodialysis. Water passes through 2 reverse osmosis systems to produce the highest quality water, but in the event of a problem the system automatically switches to single pass treatment, ensuring patient safety at all times.

RO2 thermo RO

For flows of up to 3600 l/h, the RO2 bi-Osmosis system is ideal for treating water used for total haemodialysis. Water passes through 2 reverse osmosis systems to produce the highest quality water, and also uses an in-built heat sanitization system to disinfect the system.

SDS RO (Single Dialysis System)

Flows up to 80 l/h

SDS (Single Dialysis System) produces up to 80 l/h of reverse osmosis quality water for haemodialysis. The device is ideal for applications such as dialysis in the patient's home, use by emergency services, acute dialysis and transplant patients. The compact and easy-to-use design is on wheels for easy mobility.

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Deionization – Ion exchange water treatment systems

CEDI – Continuous electro-deionization

The CEDI process uses electricity, resin and membranes to reduce the ions in the water, decreasing the need for chemicals. CEDI is used as a post-treatment to further deionise the reverse osmosis permeate to produce even better (megaohm-cm) quality water.

Models are available with flow rates up to 13 m³/h.

Automatic deionization

Fully automated demineralization units for flows up to 40 m³/h. Choose from a flexible configuration of weak base or strong base resin tanks. Deyolit series deionizers are equipped with a control system to monitor the process and automatically start regeneration if water quality deteriorates to a predetermined limit.

PEDI – Portable exchange deionizers

In installations where regeneration systems are not adequate, replaceable portable exchange deionizers (PEDIs) are an excellent solution. Culligan PEDI systems are suitable for a wide range of flow rates (up to 500 l/h) and use ion exchange resins to reduce positively and negatively charged ions in water. When the PEDI tanks are exhausted, your Culligan service technician can replace the ion exchange tanks to your specifications. This system type can reduce costs and the handling of chemicals such as caustic and acids that need to be regenerated.

Disinfection – UV systems

Culligan can provide a wide range of disinfection solutions including:

  • Chlorine disinfection (Chlorine dioxide, Chlorine and Chem oxide)
  • UV sterilization
  • Ozone

Instrumentation and control systems, dosing systems





Conductivity Meters

Turbidity Meters

Dosage Monitoring

Dosing systems

Waste water

MBR - Membrane BioReactor

Membrane BioReactor MBR technology offers significant advantages over conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment.

The use of fully submerged, flatsheet MBR membranes eliminates the need for clarifiers. This allows for a reduction in the footprint of treatment plants while producing higher quality effluent, particularly in terms of suspended solids.

Culligan offers a range of MBR solutions, including containerized plants.

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By using intensive aeration and a residence time of  20 hours, the Culligan Duplox unit can operate in either a batch cycle or continuous flow mode. The Duplox system is capable of treating up to 250 population-equivalent wastewater. The Duplox system is an easy to install and operate wastewater treatment system.


The Culligan OFSY (Omnifiltration) system consists of two filter units arranged in series, controlled by 8 diaphragm valves. The operation is fully automated thanks to the electric programmable control unit and the Pilot control valve. Models are available up to 68 m³/hour flow and 7 bar maximum operating pressure.


FDA (Forced Draft Aerator)

Culligan FDA degassing uses aeration to remove volatile substances from water.

This means that compounds such as Carbon dioxide, Methane, Hydrogen sulphide and trihalomethanes (THMs) are removed or at least drastically reduced.

The 400-600-1000-1000-1400 FDA models are made entirely of polypropylene.

The tower model 1800 is constructed entirely in steel, protected internally by epoxy paint and externally by two coats of rust prevention paint.

Mobile and Containerized water treatment systems

Thanks to the compact nature of Culligan water treatment technology (pressure filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, etc.), Culligan has pioneered the design of containerised water treatment systems, allowing for rapid installation and commissioning.

They are ideal for remote or temporary sites such as construction camps. These units are designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions and provide complete treatment of water from a wide variety of sources, such as wells, seawater and river water.