For more than 50 years, Culligan has been creating the most beautiful, reliable and technologically advanced swimming pool water treatment systems.

Private, public, thermal and competition pools, as well as hotel, club and aquapark pools... each with different needs and characteristics, but with water treatment systems specifically designed to meet our customers' needs and wishes, they all have one thing in common - perfect water!

Water filtration systems

Diatomaceous Earth Filtration

Culligan Hydro-Cleer Filters (HCF) use diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filtration to provide the highest quality pool filtration down to levels of 1 micron.

Diatomaceous earth is a white powder derived from the cell walls of microscopic algae.

Hydro-cleer units use Culligan's exclusive "self-cleaning elements" technology, which helps reduce water usage and save costs.

Multimedia Filtration

Culligan's multilayer filtration technology uses three different mineral filter layers. Each layer has a different particle sizes and different specific weights, arranged in a top-down decreasing particle size. This allows the entire filter media to be used for filtration.

This multi-layer filtration technology provides higher filtration levels, longer filtration cycles and lower backwash water consumption compared to conventional sand filters.

Pumps for Swimming pool filtration

Thermoplastic pump

Available in different types and sizes, with or without pre-filters, our pumps are suitable for a wide range of systems, from small swimming pools at home to public swimming pools, both in three-phase and single-phase versions.

The thermoplastic pump is not prone to corrosion and is suitable for use in seawater swimming pools.

Disinfection and UV systems

With Culligan disinfection system you can be completely confident that your swimming pool is hygienic and 100% save.

Culligan utilise a wide range of disinfection technologies, including salt electrolysis, chlorine and bromine tablet dosage, and automatic sodium hypochlorite dosage systems, which are the most common type of disinfection system and are commonly used in public baths.

Ozone disinfection systems are also available. Although a relatively new technology, ozone is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and the absence of chemical chlorine odour.

UV disinfection systems can also be used in combination with other disinfection systems.

Thanks to our complete water treatment range, Culligan can supply highly effective disinfection systems with all technologies and configurations to make your pool water as safe as possible.

Control systems

Colourmetric control

The Culligan Colourmetric Control System is one of the most advanced swimming pool water monitoring and control systems available.

Our colourmetric control unit can automatically monitor up to six parameters simultaneously with absolute accuracy.


Pool Control Systems

Our control systems are easy to operate and program, both the simpler units and the more advanced multifunctional units, which even allow the user to monitor and manage their pool via the internet!

Our range of measuring instruments and controllers is ideal for residential, private or public pools.

Accessories for Swimming Pools and SPAs

A beautiful swimming pool needs accessories, some are essential for the pool to function properly, others simply make the pool really special.

We offer a wide range of accessories for water distribution and circulation, pool cleaning and lighting, as well as many other features to enhance your pool experience.

Pool edge finishing elements - Competitive swimming pool accessories - Inlet fittings - Cleaning inlets for bottom of the pool - Pool covers - Lights and Illumination - Fountains and cascading water features – Treadable grilles for infinity pools - Whirlpool - Outlets for bottom of pool - Automatic cleaners - Automatic replenishment systems - Skimmer - Heat exchanger and much more.